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Install ActiveX-the hows and whys of it

To install ActiveX is very easy and it takes very less time and effort by a user. There are different methods to install ActiveX, on different platforms. It rarely matters if the user is a newbie or a thorough professional. ActiveX is a popular framework which is used to separate the reusable components of a […]

What is the LC connector?

The LC connector stands for lucent connector. It is mainly a connector and resembles a standard ceramic. The LC connector has been developed specifically for Telecommunication purposes. It is half the size of the convential connectors. The acronym for LC Connector is Lucent connector. It is a small form-optic connector which is mainly made of […]

Cell Phone Signal Booster enhances the power of a cell phone

Cell phone signal booster helps a particular cell phone to avoid call drops and cope with weak signals. A cell phone signal booster is a great asset to areas where there is no sufficient network coverage. The price differ from model to model. The cell phone has become more than just another medium of communication; […]