Cell Phone Signal Booster enhances the power of a cell phone

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Cell phone signal booster helps a particular cell phone to avoid call drops and cope with weak signals. A cell phone signal booster is a great asset to areas where there is no sufficient network coverage. The price differ from model to model.

The cell phone has become more than just another medium of communication; it has become a lifeline of sorts when one is danger or is about to step into it. It is a beacon of hope and assistance when there is no other channel of communication available. But as it is with all mediums of communication, there are certain disadvantages with this equipment too. One may have a cell phone, but what use is it, if it has a poor reception? The cell phone technicians have a solution to that too- they are called cell phone signal booster. They not only improve the reception, but they also reduce the number of call drops.

Although cell phones have reached-or rather-covered a lot of countries and regions, there are still many areas that do not receive proper signals. These areas are usually known as the the “cellular dead zones” which may defeat the whole purpose of carrying a cell phone. In times like these, cell phone signal boosters come to the rescue. These usually act like a TV antenna. They enhance a weak signal to the point where making or receiving a call is possible. They are mostly like miniature cell broadcast towers which is used by the network providers. They usually work with most mobile carriers but it is recommended to check the specifications while buying a device. There are some good products to choose from such as the Wi-Ex zBoost and JD Teck and so on.

To install a cell phone signal booster may be easy or tough. The procedure depends from product to product. However there are some steps that hold true for each of them. They are listed as below:

  1. To install the external antenna, one must have have an idea of the location which attracts the strongest signals in the house or the office. One can refer to the signal strength indicator on one’s mobile phone handset.
  2. To install the antenna, one can use the mounting brackets. The antenna also need to be installed out of range of metallic objects such as pipes or air-conditioning accessories.
  3. The coaxial cable needs to be attached to the base of the antenna.
  4. There are options for optional window entry kit with the help of which one can pass the other end of the coaxial cable through the window and then attach it to the base of the antenna.
  5. The base unit’s antenna must be atleast 90 degrees to the base unit.
  6. The power supply needs to be connected to the base unit. The distance between two antennae needs to be adjust to avoid any error indications.

There are different types available in the market today such as mobile boosters, cheap cell phone, in-house boosters and so on. The functions and features may differ from model to model but the main usage is the same. They can cost anywhere between $ 50 to $225, based on the make.