Configure Your Windows Desktop Themes

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Article description- Windows desktop themes are available with every Windows version from 2000 to XP. To break the monotony of the same windows desktop themes, one can use various other means such as the Object Desktops and the Iconpackager.

When one boots a computer, they are greeted by the same old desktop scenery, in most cases it is a green landscape with blue skies. To be brutally candid, it does tend to get monotonous. Fortunately there are plenty of alternatives to boring windows desktop themes. One has the capability to expand his limited options of desktop themes into numerous ones! There are ways to get more desktop themes and also increase the productivity. This can be done by using Stardocks Object Desktop which has a host of desktop enhancement uses to help one have a complete Windows experience.

One of these programs is Windowblinds which can be used to change the visual style of Windows XP. WindowBlinds usually change the start buttons, change the borders, start menu, task bar and so on. This program has several skins, but to check out the experts it is recommended to browse the website, where one can download some classy skins.

After installing, WindowsBlind one can browse through multiple skins as per their choice. Skins have sub-styles which may include varieties in colors for that skin, or the use of a compact menu design. These additional programs give a new twist to windows desktop themes. There are differences in the appearance but the options are far from over. While in the same configuration window selecting the option of “Change my wallpaper” to take one’s pick of wallpapers.

Next, one can use a program called “IconPackager”. This program is also available with Object Desktop or can also be available as a stand-alone. This application allows Windows to change all its icons with utmost ease. This application is also available with Live Folders in Windows Vista.

There are other ways to change windows desktop themes too. Some of them are listed as below:

  1. Click Start followed by Control Panel followed by Appearance and Themes and finally display.
  2. One needs to select the themes tab from the “theme” list to modify
  3. The settings of the theme can be modified to desired setting. Any combination of any elements can be customized as per our will.
  • Desktop Background- Choose Desktop tab in the Display Properties dialog box
  • Screen Saver-Select the screen Saver tab in the Display Properties dialog box
  • Desktop Icons- Select Desktop tab in the Display Properties dialog box and choose Customize Desktop
  • Mouse Pointers- The pointers tab in the Mouse Properties from Start followed by Control Panel, Printers and Other Hardwares and finally Mouse.
  • Colors and Fonts- Select Appearance tab in the Display Properties box.
  • Sound scheme- Select sound tab in the Sounds and Audio Devices Properties box from Start, followed by Control Panel, Sounds, Speech and Audio Devices and finally Audio Devices.
  1. Next choose Save As
  2. Th theme has to be stored under the new theme in the Save As box and choose Save
  3. Finish, by clicking OK.

It is extremely easy to customize the existing windows desktop themes and transform them into something mind-blowing and spectacular.