Install ActiveX-the hows and whys of it

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To install ActiveX is very easy and it takes very less time and effort by a user. There are different methods to install ActiveX, on different platforms. It rarely matters if the user is a newbie or a thorough professional.

ActiveX is a popular framework which is used to separate the reusable components of a computer program or application. It was designed and marketed by Microsoft Corporation into the international market, way back in 1996. The program was basically introduced to offer support to other products such as the Embedding application and the Object Linking and so on. The framework is used by most programs of Microsoft such as the Microsoft Office, Internet Explorer, Windows Media Player and Microsoft Visual Studio and so on. The way the framework is installed varies from one system to another. It is not just a matter of importance, but also necessity. It is an important component if one wishes to view videos over the Internet. Installing ActiveX is easy, provided one has a web browser that runs on Windows 9x or a higher platform.

One needs both, Windows and Internet Explorer to install ActiveX. If Windows is installed, by default, Internet Explorer will be installed too. If incase, IE is not installed, one can access the official page of Microsoft and may download the latest version. After the download of the latest version, it is observed that the ActiveX has also been installed.

Usually, in the recent times, to install ActiveX, takes place along with the installation of Microsoft. Or else, there is a separate function for the purpose of downloading the framework, so all one needs to do is click the installer and follow the instructions.

Then after the installation, the files with the extension “.ocx” need to be checked. This is usually possible by typing *.ocx in the “search” of the start menu. This will confirm the successful download of ActiveX. However, in the case of Netscape, one must install the plugins before installing ActiveX. The procedures do not vary for Netscape, Mozilla and Firefox. There are different methods to install ActiveX on different platforms. They are listed below:

For Vista:

  • “Control Panel” of the “Start” Menu
  • Click the “Windows and Features” Icon
  • Pick the “Turn Windows Features on or off” option from the menu
  • Select the box adjacent to the ActiveX installer service. One can choose either between “automatic” or “manual”.

For Internet Explorer:

  • In the IE web browser, select “Internet Options” , followed by “Security.”
  • Choose “Trusted Sites”
  • Next, choose “Sites”
  • Check the box next to the option “Require server verification”
  • Choose the website that requires the ActiveX control, type that into the window that reads as “Add this Website to the Zone” and hit Add
  • Exit from the previous Window.
  • Right Click on the “Internet Options”
  • Check “OK” and “Save” to finalize the process

There are some risks involved while installing ActiveX. For instance, repeatedly installing these controls could lead to personal data getting stolen and subsequently misused, computer can stop working properly, browsing habits may be noted and so on.